Business Owners, are you overwhelmed with creating content for social media?

Are you ready to get (on average) 20 hours a month of your time back?

Then join us for our workshop where we will share the EXACT process the AHG Team has used for hundreds of clients to create strategic social media content that works!

We will cover:
✅ Understanding YOUR audience and which platforms they are on (hint hint - it usually isn't all of them!)
✅ Creating a content schedule that doesn't take a Ph.D in computer science to read (or USE).
✅ How to create content (a month at a time) and NOT feel overwhelmed
Easy-to-use templates for creating your content (again, if things aren't easy to use... you aren't going to use them).
✅ How to create organic content that hits the right balance with your audience.
✅ And some other fun bonuses!

August 4 (11 AM - 1 PM Eastern)*
August 5 (12 PM - 2 PM Eastern)*

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